Physics Education Group

The UCF Physics Education Group conducts a coordinated program of research, curriculum development, and, instruction to improve the teaching and learning of physics. Graduate Students in the group select Physics Education as their field of research for the Ph.D. in Physics. The group's main projects include assessment of student learning in introductory physics classes, developing and implementing innovative activity-based physics curricula, and preparing pre-college teachers to use technology and inquiry to meet the National Science Standards. The group's research efforts are currently focused on developing, adapting, and evaluating activity-based instruction in large introductory courses.


Information about the Group

  • Degree Programs
  • Projects
    • K-12 Teacher Educataion
    • SCALE-UP: Student Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs
      Studio-style physics classes for up to 100 students
    • Assessment of Student Learning & Research-based Instruction
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UCF Physics Education Group Members


Graduate Students:

  • Kyriakos Hadjicharalambous
  • Sherry Savrda
  • Robert Martin

Undergraduate Students:

  • Lisa Trimarchi
  • Malic Dekkar


Staff & Friends at UCF

  • Ray Ramatar
  • Aldrin Sweeney
  • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning / FCTL
  • Lockheed Martin Academy for Mathematics and Science Education

Teaching & Research Resources on the Web

  • Physics Education Resource Letter, American Journal of Physics
  • Innovations in Physics Instruction
  • Innovation in Chemistry Instruction
  • Annotated Reading List for Instructors of Introductory Physics

National Physics, Science, and Engineering Education Organizations

Regional Organizations for Science, Math, and Engineering Education

  • FL-AAPT / Florida Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers
  • FAST / Florida Association of Science Teachers
  • HEC / Florida Higher Education Consortium for Math and Science Education